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how to consign

Dining set among multiple accessoriesConsigning at the Consignment Gallery is so easy.  Because of our experience, we have streamlined a process that makes consigning your furniture a snap!  Sit back and relax, we do all the work.

The first step is showing us a picture of the items you want to consign.  You are welcome to email your photos to us at or you can mail or bring them to the shop.   From the photos, we can usually judge whether your item is salable at our shop and we can give you an estimate of what we feel the item could be sold for.  Any information that you can pass on to us regarding the item helps us determine its value and assists us in getting a more accurate picture of its worth.

Information that we consider helpful would be: manufacturer, age of the item, condition, original price etc.  Be sure to include your phone number on all correspondence.

For smaller items that are easily transportable, you are welcome to bring them in at your convenience.  We suggest that you come in Tuesday through Friday from 11:00 to 5:00 as the weekends are so busy.

The second step is assessing whether your items are a “good fit” with the Consignment Gallery.  After seeing your photos, we will discuss this with you.  If your items are approved, we will discuss with you the price ranges that we feel will be most appropriate for your items.  Pricing is always a two way discussion!

The third step is scheduling the arrival of your furniture.  Dates are based upon your needs and the availability of our floor space.

Lastly, after arrival of your furniture, we contact you to set the final prices and mail the contracts.  Two contracts will be mailed to you with a self addressed/stamped envelope.  Keep one copy for yourself and mail us back the other copy with your signature.  It’s that easy!

The Contract

Our consignment agreement is very straightforward.  The contract is for 60 days and states that you will receive 60% of the selling price and the Consignment Gallery will receive 40%.  During that time, all prices are firm.  We do not accept offers or discount items.  Payment is by check and will be mailed to you within 30 days of the date of sale.

If your item does not sell within the 60 day period, you are welcome to pick it up at the end of the contracted period.  If you choose to have us keep the item and we agree to keep it in our inventory (after the 60 days) the split goes to a 50% / 50%  and we would in most cases begin marking down the item in small increments until it sells.                                       

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